Discovery Biomarker

Tissue-based Biomarker – Pathology Lab 


    • Partnership with world’s renowned Pathology lab
      • Access over 40 pathologists at Targos.
      • Collaboration on global trials
      • Pathologists trained by Targos


    • Technology platforms
      • H&E, IHC
      • FISH& DISH


    • Automated instruments with high throughput capability
      • Leica Microtome & Cryotome
      • Roche Ventana Benchmark Ultra
      • Zeiss multi-head microscope
      • Zeiss Axio Imager 2 Fluorescence microscope
      • Zeiss Axio Digital Scanner


    • GCP compliance and CAP accreditation


  • Establishing multiplexed tissue staining
    • Quantitative pathology to interrogate protein expression in cancer
    • Invested Vectra – multispectral imaging
    • Florescence, bright-field and multispectral
    • Tissue microarrays and whole tissue sections
    • Single or 200-slide capacity
    • inform to guide acquisition of higher power images automatically


  • Special Staining
    • Oil Red O stain
    • Sirius Red stain
    • Trichrome stain (Masson)
    • Von Kossa (Calcium Stain)
    • Periodic Acid-Schiff stain
    • Wright-Giemsa stain



Optimization of Human Tumor Dissociation Process to Eliminate hTIM-3 and hLAG-3 Degradations



Cell-based Biomarker (Flow Cytometry Lab)


  • Measurement of cellular biomarkers (up to 18-color)
    • Surface phenotyping
    • Intracellular markers


  • Aseptic 4-channel cell sorting
  • Signaling pathway studies
  • Cytokine expression/production studies
  • Cell cycle/apoptosis
  • GCP compliance and CAP accreditation



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