hPBMC/HSC humanized models

hPBMC Humanized Models 

  • NOG/NSG mice based system with full immune defects
  • Established models for immune-checkpoint inhibitor and bi-specific antibody candidates in a human-resembling immune system.
  • Annotation for both immune cells (phenotyping, biomarker, functions) and tumor cells (expression, mutation etc.)
  • Different PBMC delivery systems (systemic injection or co-inoculation with tumor)


HSC Humanized Models

  • Available humanized models from CIEA, combine with WuXi PDX/CDX models.
  • Customizable with human cytokine transgenic mice (GM-CSF/hIL-3 or hIL-2) to improve the reconstitution of myeloid lineage.


A List of Established hPBMC Humanized Models

Bold: has been applied for efficacy study        *Popular models


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