Integrated Drug Discovery



We provide an integrated drug discovery service aimed at addressing our industry challenges. Applying expertise in synthetic and medicinal chemistry, biology, DMPK and program management, we collaborate closely with our global customers, ranging from pharma and biotech to academia, to rapidly advance programs towards key inflection points and milestones by leveraging peer-recognized expertise and an integrated platform from hit identification through to preclinical candidate selection and beyond. With some of the industry’s finest and most experienced synthetic and medicinal chemists in our team, we aspire to become the partner-of-choice in externalized solutions that enable smart, efficient and rapid advancement of your programs.






Having delivered 44 preclinical candidates during recent 3 years for our partners, we understand the unique challenges and needs of each program. We work closely with partners to establish strategy, customize resources and guide project execution to deliver on goals.


  • Synthetic Chemistry
  • Synthetic Chemistry + Program Management
  • Synthetic Chemistry + Program Management + Medicinal Chemistry Design
  • Fully Integrated Program



We provide our customers with access to WuXi’s best-in-class, fully integrated drug discovery and development platform to seamlessly progress programs from target through to preclinical candidate selection and beyond.



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