Peptide Synthesis



  • Founded in 2009 with a research team of 100 chemists, providing FTE and FFS service in peptide chemistry
  • Good combination of WuXi's rich chemistry knowledge and experience with peptide chemistry expertise
  • Strong expertise in linear & cyclic peptide, peptide mimics synthesis, peptide library synthesis, peptide modification (staple peptides, ADCs, glycol peptides, thioamide peptide, etc.), ultra-pure peptide synthesis and kg scale peptide scale up
  • Highly experienced in solid phase and solution phase synthetic technologies in the syntheses of peptide mimics and other complex organic molecules
  • A variety of automatic synthetic and analytical equipment for mg to kg scale production
  • Dedicated team for novel unnatural amino acid synthesis
  • Specialized in synthesizing peptides and peptide-organic molecular conjugates as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), as well as innovative drug leads for different research purposes




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