DNA-Encoded Library Technology

Core Strength


  • On the basis of its strong chemistry capability, WuXi AppTec has built high quality and high diversity libraries. Covering the majority of the med chem space, the libraries have been built around 35,000 building blocks and 6,000 scaffolds, many of which are WuXi AppTec-customized structures.
  • WuXi AppTec utilizes a proprietary informatics system to facilitate data mining and customer involvement in decision making.
  • WuXi AppTec’s end-to-end platform enables smooth transition from DEL hit to hit validation, leading to downstream medicinal chemistry activities.



General Work Flow for DEL Screening




DEL Service We Offer



Business Model



DNA Encoded Library (DEL) Platform Offering More Than 4.4 Billion Compounds

DELopen is a platform initiated by WuXi AppTec Co. LTD and academia / institutions dedicated to the development and application of DNA Encoded Library (DEL) Technology. The goal of the platform is to provide free access of DEL libraries owned by participating partners to academic users for research in drug discovery. We envision that the new platform provides full protection of intellectual properties for both user and technology provider and will unlock the true potential of DEL technology.




DNA Encoded Library (DEL) Service Package

DELight is WuXi DEL’s self-serve product that gives researchers direct access to a collection of more than eight billion compounds. Through the DELight service package, WuXi will provide a DNA Encoded Library kit and a user manual/protocols document to the research organization. Upon receipt of the kit, the researcher will perform affinity selection according to the protocol and return the sample to WuXi. WuXi then completes analysis such as PCR amplification, qPCR determination, purification and NGS (Next Generation Sequencing). A summary report (excluding structural and DNA sequence information) will be provided back to the researcher, who will make informed decision on follow up actions based on the selection results.




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