GPCR, Transporter and NHR

GPCR Assays

G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) forms the largest class of cell-surface receptors. There are ~ 800 GPCRs overall, and as such this target clas is very important in drug discovery. Currently around, ~ 35% of all drugs approved by the FDA act at 108 unique GPCRs1.

1. Hauser et al. (2017). Trends in GPCR drug discovery: New agents, targets and indications Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 16(12): 829–842

Comprehensive In Vitro GPCR Services

  • Compound profiling:
    • Medchem programs
    • R&D programs: MOA
    • MTS and HTS
    • IND filing
  • Assay transfer, setup and/or development
  • Safety/off-target screening
  • Stable GPCR cell line generation

Diverse Platforms

Literature Dowload

  • Over 100 GPCR cell lines and corresponding assays in house (Read More)
  • GPCR assays for safety/off-target profiling (Read More)

Customized assays are routinely provided by scientific teams upon request.


Transporter and NHR (Nuclear Hormone Receptor) Assays

Radioligand binding and functional assays (Read More for Targets and Assays) 


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