Virtual Library

WuXi AppTec IDSU offers access to virtual chemical spaces built from WuXi AppTec’s library of novel drug-like scaffolds. Due to carefully selected building block supply and proven chemistry, these libraries consist of molecules that can be quickly synthesized on demand.


Core-Based Library


  • Create reaction scheme for interested molecular scaffold (core)
  • Identify/search available building block sets for reaction scheme
  • Enumerate compounds for reaction scheme of each scaffold
  • Create diverse compound set to form core-based focused library




Synthetically Feasible Virtual Library


The library covers rigorously validated chemical space of over 200 million virtual compounds based on optimized one-step/one-pot reactions. It is a combination of WuXi AppTec’s chemistry expertise and cutting edge software technologies, resulting in a chemical space over 200 million virtual molecules that can be mined and synthesized within a few weeks.


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