Flow Chemistry

Flow Chemistry—the Better Solution for Safety/Scale-up/Efficiency


Flow chemistry is also known as continuous flow or plug flow chemistry. It involves a chemical reaction run in a continuous flow stream.  The process offers potential for the efficient manufacture of chemical products.



The Benefits of Flow Chemistry:


  • Faster reactions

  • Cleaner products

  • Safer reactions

  • Integrated synthesis, work-up, and analysis

  • Rapid reaction optimization

  • Easy scale-up





  • Easily set up and used for a wide range of reactions

  • Broad temperature range (-70 0C to + 250 0C)

  • Up to 4 reactor stages

  • Up to 4 independently controlled reagent pumps

  • Expandable, links to 3rd party equipment

  • Strong Acid compatible

  • Gas / liquid

  • Flow rate range of 0.05 mL/min to 10 mL/min

  • Pumping pressure up to 42bar

  • 10 mL reactors




  • Temperature control +/- 1 0C across entire operating range


Rapid Heat-up/Cooldown



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