Catalyst Screening

Catalyst Kit Screening Platform


  • Auto-sampler facilitated high-throughput catalysis screening for various cross-coupling reactions

  • A collection of over 100 metal catalysts and ligands

  • More than 3000 Kit screenings per year in IDSU



Reaction Types:


  1. Buchwald reactions:

         N-arylation (Pd & Cu & Ni, 1°& 2°amines).

  1. Suzuki type reactions:

         a: sp2-sp2              b: sp3-sp2               c: sp3-sp3     d: Pd Borylation of Aryl halides

         e: Ir Borylation of Arenes/heteroarenes  f:  Cu Borylation of aklynes

  1. Negishi reactions.

  2. Heck and Sonogashira reactions.

  3. Pd catalyzed cyanation and carbonylation of Aryl Halides.

  4. Pd C-O & C-S Coupling with Alkyl or Aryl-O(S)H.

  5. Ni catalyzed reductive coupling.

     And more…



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