Biotransformation Platform 


The Biotransformation FTE team can screen and find an optimal enzyme that shorten the synthetic sequence and aid large-scale synthesis with high selectivity, high conversion and high yield.

  • Dedicated Biotransformation FTE team

  • Overall Success Rate > 60%

  • Cycle time < 2 days

  • Enzyme used in each reaction <100 mg


Reaction Type



Enzymes (>500 in stock)


  1. Lipase

  2. Protease

  3. Esterase

  4. Nitrilase

  5. Transaminase

  6. Ketoreductases

  7. Phospholipase




  1. Selective hydrolysis of esters

  2. Selective reduction of ketone

  3. Selective synthesis of chiral amines

  4. Selective synthesis of chiral alcohol

  5. Selective hydrolytic removal of O-acetyl groups



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