Late Stage Functionalization

Integrated Late Stage Functionalization Service



Late-stage functionalization (LSF) utilizes highly selective reactions to introduce substituents to advance intermediates under mild conditions to diversify substitutions in lead structures for acceleration of chemistry related discoveries.1 LSF is also used to prepare specific targets that may not be easily accessible by conventional approaches. We provide a unique Integrated LSF Services to our customers, incorporating 1. Quantum Mechanics (QM) analyses of advanced intermediates available2 to access their reactivity and regio-selectivity for the CH activations reaction types of interest, from CH-alkylation to fluorination to halogenation to oxidation to trifluoromethylation, etc.; 2. Synthesis of the key intermediates; 3. High Throughput Processing in our Catalysis or PhotoRedox Laboratories; 4. Rapid parallel LC-MS analyses and purification of reaction samples; 5. QM and DP4-AI assisted structure assignments for complex structures.3



1Moir, M. et al, Expert Opin Drug Discov., 2019, 14, 1137.

2QM analyses

3Goodman, J.M. et al, Chem. Sci. 2020, 11, 4351.



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