Deuteration Chemistry

Deuteration Chemistry


We offer custom-tailored monomers and screening compounds containing deuterium atoms


Roles of Deuterium-labelled Compounds


  • Study of reaction mechanisms and kinetics

  • Analysis of drug metabolism

  • Structural elucidation of biological macromolecules

  • Quantitative analysis of environmental pollutants and residual pesticides

  • Used as functional materials and as internal standards in analytical methods

  • Significantly improve the pharmacokinetic properties (ADMET)


The first deuterium drug AUSTEDO/SD-809 (Auspex/Teva) was approved by FDA in April 2017.




Our Capabilities:


Synthesis of diverse deuterated monomers and final targets

  • Excellent skill of synthetic route design

  • Experienced in deuteration at various sites of molecules

  • Capable of achieving high ratio of deuterium incorporation

  • Conducted many challenged deuteration rxns

  • Reaction scale: milligram to gram

  • Maximally 16 deuteriums were incorporated to a single molecule

  • Put together all kinds of deuteration reagents (LiAlD4, D2, D2O, DCl, TFA-D…)



Reaction Types:


  • Reduction of Carbonyl, Imine, Alkene or Alkyne, CN and NO2

  • Metal/D, X/D Exchange

  • D/H exchange occurs at Aromatic, Allylic or Carbonyl α position

  • α-Deuteration of Amines and Alcohols





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