Drug Intermediate & API Process Development



  • 18 Years of experience in high-quality services on combinatorial chemistry and small molecule library design and synthesis, with more than 3 million compounds delivered so far, providing fast and comprehensive research support in drug discovery and agro / crop science projects worldwide
  • Offering world class service in design and synthesis of all library types at competitive price, such as parallel medicinal chemistry library, library enrichment project, focused / targeted library and virtual library
  • Streamlined process with high efficiency to accelerate library production. As quick as 7 calendar days from project initiation to whole library delivery
  • Exceeding client’s expectation on product quality by strict and multi-level quality control procedures. Each compound is checked by LCMS and/or 1H NMR before delivery
  • Heavy investment to build up in house reaction condition screening platform to speed up problem solving and increase success rate
  • Applying cutting-edge chemistry methodologies such as photoredox chemistry to library synthesis. Finalized several photoredox libraries with up to 100% success rate
  • Over 25,000 reagents and 8,000 unique scaffolds / building blocks in stock to facilitate library design with novelty and diversity, and expedite library production with material readiness for bench chemists within 24 hours



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