Crystallization Platform



  • Founded in 2016, providing FFS service in crystallization research and development.
  • Good combination of WuXi's rich chemistry knowledge and experience with crystallization. The platform is staffed with the experts from National Engineering Research Center of Industry Crystallization Technology and process chemistry department.
  • Providing high quality and speedy crystallization service including polymorphism screening, salt formation and selection, crystal habit optimization, crystal form conversion, single crystal cultivation, purification in mg to kilogram scale, chiral resolution, decolorizing, etc.
  • Dedicated team to apply the cost and time effective crystallization process to solve purification problems, which are challenging in regular purification methods, such as normal-phase or reverse-phase chromatography and SFC. More than 2600 purification projects have been completed with 74% overall successful rate, greater than 1,685 kg of material was purified by crystallization process.
  • There are 17 clinic accepted acids and 9 bases in stock for salt screening, and 40 chiral acids and 21 chiral bases for chiral resolution.








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