Pathology Lab

Partnership with Targos

  • Access over 40 pathologists at Targos
  • Concordance study with Targos
  • Collaborate on global clinical trials

Instrument platforms

  • Leica Microtome & Cryotome
  • Roche Ventana Benchmark Ultra
  • Zeiss multi-head microscope(20 heads)
  • Zeiss and Olympus fluorescence microscope with image capture
  • Zeiss Axio Digital Scanner

Technology platforms

  • Anatomic pathology: H&E, IHC, IF
  • Molecular pathology: FISH & DISH
  • GCP compliance/ CAP accredited

Rapid TAT - About 3-5 business days from receipt of sample




  • BD FACSCanto II
  • BD LSRFortessa
  • BD AriaSorp sorter

Comprehensive immunoprofiling of all immune cells from blood, lymphoid organs, & tumor tissues

  • Cell activation & differentiation markers
  • Cytokine & chemokine receptor analysis
  • Signaling pathways
  • Cell sorting of immune cell subsets

GCP/CAP compliance for clinical trials.




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