ASMS Screening


Our dedicated ASMS (Affinity selection mass spectrometry) screening team offers clients this unique platform for the identification of small molecules capable of binding to the active sites of target proteins. These active small molecules will be the perfect starting point for your drug discovery programs. Our high quality service supports both established and newly emerging targets and is backed up by access to small molecule libraries,  automated operational systems, sensitive high resolution mass spectrometry devices and efficient data processing software. 


Unique Libraries at WuXi

Full China collection is greater than 535,000 compounds available for hit expansion.

  • WuXi Designed library (available for sale)
  • Biotech derived (exclusive)
  • Commercial vendors
  • Purified natural products or extracts
  • Library of Pharmacologically Active Compounds
  • LOPAC, Prestwick

  • Majority semi-exclusive, non-commercially available.
  • Selected and curated by experienced medicinal chemists.
  • Quality controlled by MS (1% of the collection, randomly picked)
  • Arrayed in 384 & 1536-well plates ready for HTS.
  • Solution stocks available in Shanghai.


Libraries and Target Proteins in WuXi AppTec


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